20 years ago I started to study theater in Ohio.  It was my first artistic medium that I was drawn to. I went on to pursue my fascination with performance through radical body based performance art, erotic filmmaking, writing, and visual art forms such as photography, installation, and film.

26 years ago the legendary artist and pornographer, Annie Sprinkle toured the ground breaking theater piece  Post Porn Modernist.

Around 12 years ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting Annie and was immediately entranced with her presence.  Annie Sprinkle and her brilliant wife and collaborator in life and art, Beth Stephens, became my fairy art mothers, my chosen family and the dearest of friends. We have been collaborating in one another’s artistic projects ever since.

Annie is a brilliant artist that never fails to inspire me with her ability to lead with her heart and create transformative large scale performative works with her community.  Annie is also the God Mother of the  “post porn” movement and has inspired not only my body of work as a feminist pornographer, porn performer and artist but has been inspirational to a whole new generation erotic filmmakers and artists that have found strength in her vision and feminist voice in the world of sexuality.

It is an absolute honor to have her involvement in the development of Reveal All Fear Nothing. This version of Reveal All Fear Nothing is an adaptation from Annie Sprinkle’s one woman show,  Post Porn Modernist, performed from 1989-1994. Reveal All takes the powerful narrative that Annie Sprinkle wove together over two decades ago in Post Porn Modernist  but with a new story, a new voice, a new generations perspective on kink, porn, and feminism.  Check out some of the brilliant documentation of Annie Sprinkle’s Post Porn Modernist Show  at https://anniesprinkle.org/ppm-bobsart/menu.html .   My love and deep gratitude go out to Annie for paving the way with her radical and fearless performances and activism.